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Walking on Stars by Axxaxxin
Walking on Stars
Cover to my book that I'm writing on Wattpad. Check it out!…

The year is 2280. Humanity has become a powerful space-faring race, tactfully economic and wise in diplomatic relations with other alien species. In 2107, humanity first made contact with sentient lifeforms. This discovery changed everything. After tense initial relations, humanity is received into galactic society. However, in order to prove humanity's worth to the advanced alien species, the governments of Earth offer Vanguards – elite human soldiers equipped with humanity's most advanced technology, transportation, and resources – as a contribution to the galactic military. Human ability to adjust quickly to space travel, coalesced with humanity's burning desire to pursue wealth and secure power in galactic politics and leadership, vault humanity into a new golden age- but at a cost. Humanity's meteoric rise into influencing galactic affairs inspired repugnance and jealousy among several of the alien species. One aggressive race, the Volturn, takes advantage of the growing rift in the galactic civilizations. As tensions between the species heat up, Kelton Akers, a Vanguard neophyte, uncovers vital information that could change the course of history for whatever species controls this knowledge. Thrust into a whirlwind of secrecy, betrayal, conflict and diplomatic struggle, he travels the stars, fighting to save his life and the lives of those he loves, but it may not be enough. Is Kelton willing to sacrifice himself, his crewmembers, his friends, and even those he loves in order to guarantee the survival of the human race?


Axxaxxin's Profile Picture
United States
I am very accepting. I love people of all races, cultures, religion and sexual status. I am gay, yes. And I regret nothing.
Love looking at arts of ancient Empires, fantasy and wonder. :P I enjoy Mass Effect and Guild Wars and anything with Michael Fassbender, Ryan Reynolds and Commander Shepard and Kaidan from Mass Effect immensely.

I will someday start placing up actual artwork and dedicate more of myself to art and venture into that hobby as soon as I can (be prepared for a mountain of mShenko to be dropped on your head when I do) I just need to head off to college in January and quit my current sucky job.


I will talk about me, myself, and I later because I've already bored myself, made I cry and watched me go bonkers.

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